I594 Voter Education Campaign

I594 will be on the ballot in November. Now is the time to educate your community!

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Moms Demand Action

These moms DEMAND your guns!

Show your support for sensible gun rights. Say NO to Moms Demand Action!

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About 2E

2nd Enforcers (2E) is a Washington State non-profit organization tasked at protecting the rights of the people. The focus on our mission during times of peace is to take on strategic programs that enhance the communication and overall view of firearm owners and negotiate with our legislature in improving firearm owner rights. We will not have our arms infringed, we the people will not allow it.

Who makes up 2E?

2E is made up of a Board of Directors overseeing the organization, the core is its members whom are civilians and patriots.

Can you participate in 2E?

Yes, if you feel you can protect the rights of the people, welcome!

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